Friday, August 31, 2007

Zoé Nominado para la 8va Entrega Anual del Latin Grammy!

Zoé Nominado para la 8va Entrega Anual del Latin Grammy:

Zoé ha sido nominado para el Latin Grammy en tres categorías, como Mejor Album De Música Alternativa (Memo Rex Commander y El Corazón Atómico De La Vía Láctea), Mejor Canción Alternativa ( "No Me Destruyas") y Productor Del Año (Phil Vinall y Zoé). La entrega se llevará a cabo el próximo 8 de Noviembre en el Mandalay Bay Events Center de Las Vegas.

Publicado el 29 de Agosto de 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monoluna party on Sept 16th, yeah!

September 16, 2007 8:00 PM.

Finally, a FREE Mexican Independence Day celebration without mariachis, discursos patrioteros oficiales, or Mexican-curios simulations! And you can be sure that we won't be tuning in to see fraudulent Pelele Calderon perform "el grito" on TV. Instead, Monoluna will be hosting a night of minimal-tech, idm, breakbeats, Mexican funk and soul, and whatever else we think of at one of our favorite venues in the city—200 Orchard!

Who Will Perform:

Antiguo Automata Mexicano
AAM recently released the full length album Kraut Slut on Tijuana based label Static Discos. Pitchfork has described this album as: "an evocative sampling of the potential of computer-based minimalism with a handful of fantastic tracks". The Australian magazine Cyclic Defrost refers to AAM as "a warm mix of bubbling minimal techno and spacious ambient electronics with just enough quirk, pops and crackles to sit somewhere between the dancefloor and headphone earspace".


Born in Buenos Aires and based in New York, German Palacio is an electronic musician, video and multimedia artist with a free spirit and plenty of projects. One of these is the—mostly solo—venture called Ulisespal, and its sound is warm and textured with a cinematic quality, subtle hints of humor, and dance-floor-ready beats.

DJ Icassiano
DJ Icassiano from Vampisoul Records aka as Carlos Icaza, plays drums with AAM and also forms part of the bands Seekers Who Are Lovers, Evil Hippie and Los Fancy Free...among others (busy guy) As Icassiano, he spins a mix of Mexican funk, soul, and rare grooves.

Selector Monobichi
The Mono in Monoluna…probably mixing some minimal stuff and some electro with other sounds in between. Strictly non-pro...

The Luna in Monoluna will be hosting the event and making sure no one gets out of line.

The Place:

200 Orchard is simply a great bar! Specializing in all things electronic, alternative Rock & Roll, Electro and Punk, these guys have decided to maintain the Lower East Side flavor, which is why they do not like to charge covers. The staff is great and they pour best pint of Guinness on the Lower East Side! Get there a bit before the party and take advantage of their Daily Happy Hour Specials, which go on until 8pm.


Also, we might have a few surprises courtesy of one of the best Spanish language magazines dedicated to independent music, Mexico City based
Indie-Rocks, the little Tijuana label that could Static Discos and the website we all depend on for information on arts, music, culture, food, and entertainment, NYremezcla !

..Mexicanos al grito de...

Sept. 6th - Zoe in NYC - all ages show!

Nacotheque is hosting the official after-party at Bar 13...more details TBA!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

NACOTHEQUE Newsletter 13 - Los Amigos Invisibles + indie Fashion Show + Espana!!

English - Top
Español – Debajo

Hello Nacothecas!
Come party with us this saturday at Fontana's. We have special guest DJ Afro from Los Amigos Invisibles and free iTunes card giveaways (courtesy of Nacional Records)! Marcelo Cunning created a brand new DJ mix for download!! Download it here.

Marcelo and I are planning some really awesome stuff for Nacotheque including a live perfornance by Columbian electro group YUDO, a naco-chic indie fashion show by Mexican designer Paola Hernandez, guest DJ hot mama Danette from Sonida Lasser Drakar, and in November we're taking Nacotheque to Austin, TX and Madrid, Spain!!!

See you at the party!
xo Amylulita

Español -----------------------------

Hola Nacothecas!
¡Vamonos a Fontana’s este Sabado . Tenemos huésped DJ Afro de Los Amigos Invisibles! ¡Además, tenemos algunas tarjetas de iTunes gratis para ustedes cortesía de Nacional Records! ¡Marcelo Cunning hizo una nueva DJ mezcla!! Descarga aquí.

¡Marcelo y yo estamos planeando algunas cosas muy especiales para Nacotheque incluyendo el electro grupo Colombiano YUDO en vivo, naco-chic diseñadora Paola Hernandez des de Mexico, la huésped DJ Danette de Sonida Lasser Drakar, y en noviembre Nacotheque ira a Austin, TX y Madrid, España!

¡Nos vemos en la fiesta!
bs Amylulita

08/25/07 Fontana’s – Guest DJ Afro (Los Amigos Invisibles)

09/8/07 Fontana's -w/ a special Paola Hernandez fashion show

09/22/07 Fontana's - w/ live performance by electropop group YUDO (Columbia)

YUDO on Myspace

**P.S.** The Mexican funkbeat boys Da Punto Beat came to NYC in July and here's a short video produced by Issel Campos (Monoluna) about the band and their stay in NYC!

VIDEO: Da Punto Beat in NYC!
Da Punto Beat on Myspace

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Circo - "Cursi" + Nacotheque

This was sent to me today:!/atrapado_por_la_cursileria/266146

Fui para conocer las distintas escenas de música alternativa y electrónica que hay en Manhattan. Allá me encontré con un grupo de jóvenes de todas partes de Latinoamérica que están haciendo unas fiestas que se llamannarcotech’ y me estuvo muy curioso que celebran lo cursi por medio de ‘remixes’ modernos que hacen los DJ de canciones cursis clásicas de los 80, como de las Flans y Gloria Trevi”, afirmó el histriónico músico.

The first time I ever saw Fofe/Circo was in my parents living room sometime in the late 90s.. maybe early 00's. My mother had signed up for some shady cable service that broadcasted several unheard of spanish/hispanic/latino (whatever the fuck) channels that oddly enough turned me into a lot of music and films I still love today. In fact, that's where I first discovered the likes of Zoe and Lucybell for the very first time.

One afternoon, right after the Jerry Springer show (back when they were getting more ratings than Oprah AND showed fights), I was flipping around channels and suddenly stopped at the sight of a moustached, trendy, cholo looking dude singing "ya no estas mas a mi lado corazon..." into a disco ball-ish bullhorn. "WTF is this?" I said to my doubtful teenage self. Once the video was over, plain white letters ala MTV cleared it up for me; it was Puerto Rico's very own Circo.

Circo has always been a ridiculously underrated band. They're very solid and dudes know how to write catchy well-crafted tunes.

Last year, Nacotheque had the pleasure of having Fofe as a guest dj. He spun some raw demos from what would ultimately become "Cursi", their new LP. And not cause he plugged us or anything, but they sounded reallyyyy good. Right away I noticed a more electronic sound compared to their previous stuff. He told me they started to write new stuff and that it was due out sometime this year. That was last year. LAST YEAR! It feels like it was soooooo long ago. However, just a month ago we had Fofe & Egui do a very special Nacotheque-only mini performance where they performed one (and only one) of their new songs. This was during LAMC week at the Zoe afterparty. I must say the crowd took it in quite well. How could they not? besides good songwriting the band has a great live show. Definitely a lot of energy from both the crowd and half-Circo (the whole band didn't perform).

Now that the Noelia sex tape scandal is finally dying out, my attention is back to where it should be, osea, on the lookout for new amazing music. And thanks to my "sources" I've gotten a listen to most of the Cursi demos (not the final recordings) and shit, they sound GOOD. Just as good as I remembered them sounding at Fofe's dj gig. Cause you know when you listen to something at a club and you think it sounds really good but then you listen to it a home and you're like "um, it's ok. I guess it sounded better at the club?!" - well this isn't one of those times. They are good songs period. Definitely keep an ear out for this one. Some of the better stuff I've heard so far in 2007.

- M

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dj Mix: todosantos, parabolica, aerolineas federales, IKV, puro movimiento, porter, lucia mendez, kumbia queers, bibi anderson, etc.

by Marcelo Cunning

Bajenlo aqui:


1. Yndio - Dame Un Beso
2. Lucia Mendez - Corazon De Fresa
3. ??? - Icaro
4. Miguel Bose & Alaska - Amante bandido
5. Yogurinha Borova - Ser Actriz
6. Emmanuel - Bella Senora
7. Dixybait - Automatico Amor
8. Nicole - Tal Vez Me Estoy Enamorando
9. Flans - Me He Enamorado de Un Fan (remix)
10. Porter - Xoloitzcuintle Chicloso
11. Kinky - A Donde Van Los Muertos?
12. Luis Miguel - Directo Al Corazon
13. Parabolica - Alas Para Poder bolar
14. Menudo - Claridad (remix)
15. Kumbia Queers - Veraneo
16. Puro Movimiento Dj - Dejala
17. Calle 13 - Cumbia De Los Aburridos (sonidero nacional)
18. Javiera Mena - Cuando Hablamos
19. The Mexikins - El Pecador
20. Control Machete - En El Camino
21. I.K.V. - Jennifer Del Estereo
22. Telegrama - Deja De Hablar
23. Thalia - Moderna Nina Del Rock
24. Crisalida - Paranoia
25. Cafe Tacuba - El Fin De La Infancia
26. Galaxian!!! - Domingo
27. ???
28. Pimpinela - Telefono
29. Todosantos - OMG We Got It
30. Raphael - Mi Gran Noche
31. Ana Gabriel - Pecado Original
32. El General - Rica Y Apretadita (remix)
33. Electrica Miami - Como Tu
34. Pecker - Encantadora Lunatica (remix)
35. Jeanette - Me Fie
36. Bibi Anderson - Salvame
37. Los Concorde - Rompecabezas (santi edit)
38. Amanda Miguel - El Gato
Aerolineas Federales - Soy Una Punk
40. Que Out - Soy Una Punk

Foward it to your friends!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Recorded in several locations between November 2005 and February 2007.
Production, mixes and masters by Mou.
Nene Record 2007.
Some rights reserved.

Grabada en varias locaciones entre noviembre 2005 y febrero 2007.
Producción, mezcla y masterización por Mou.
Nene Records 2007.
Algunos derechos reservados.


1. japon 4 (mockinpott)
2. a car killed my rat ( los rats)
3. rayas de tigre (the a-ha experience)
4. her boobs (los implantes)
5. que más da (mamá burger)
6. try (los llamarada)
7. naranja (taladro supremo)
8. adelantado mental (los margaritos)
9. nunca atacas con la ropa puesta (bam bam)
10. mamá anticuada (mamá burger)
11 . up all night (los rats)
12. everything's allright (los implantes)
13. el gato (the a-ha experience)
14. mentes programadas (los margaritos)
15. rbmk100 (mou)
16. i can see them (los llamarada)
17. astrobilly (bam bam)
18. hotel roosevelt (mockinpott)
19. be in my dreams (ruidos en el techo)

Saturday/sabado::Celebración del cumpleaños+FREE iTunes cards

English - Top
Español – Debajo

Get yourself over to Fontana’s this Saturday night! We have another Nacotheque party with a special birthday celebration for Alberto from Todosantos. In addition, there will be $4 Devassa beer until it's all gone + we have free iTunes download cards for you courtesy of Nacional Records!

See you at the party!
xo Amylulita

Español -----------------------------

¡Vamonos a Fontana’s este Sabado! ¡Tenemos otra fiesta de Nacotheque con una celebración especial del cumpleaños de Alberto (Todosantos).

Nos vemos en la fiesta! ¡Además, $4 cerveza de Devassa hasta que se va + tenemos algunas tarjetas de iTunes gratis para ustedes cortesía de Nacional Records!

¡Nos vemos en la fiesta!
bs Amylulita


08/25/07 Fontana’s – Guest DJ Afro (Los Amigos Invisibles) w/ live performance by Telegrama (Venezuela)

Telegrama on Myspace

09/8/07 Fontana’s – guests TBA

09/22/07 Fontana's - w/ live performance by electropop group YUDO (Columbia)

YUDO on Myspace

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nacotheque Newsletter 11 - August 1, 2007

Fotos by ISAPhoto
(click link for more fotos / link tiene más fotos!) Gracias Isabel!!

English - Top
Español - Debajo
Hello everyone,
Nacotheque last Saturday night was awesome as usual! We had two fun guest DJs Lechuga and Ricardo from Album. My little brother came out to party us too! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to party!

Nacotheque is in the August PAPER magazine!! The party is featured in the nightlife section with the official party pictures on the top of the page. In addition, Marcelo found out that Nacotheque was written about in a cool Spanish Magazine called NEO2!! We’re mentioned in the April ’07 issue though, but we had no idea. Pues, gracias NEO2!!

(Click cover for more press.)

San Francisco, go see La Prohibida on Saturday August 4th!! Our friends from Monoluna put together her very first show in SF and it’s gonna be aweome!!
(click the flyer for more info.)

Nos vemos!
Amylulita & Marcelo Cunning

¡Nacotheque la noche pasada de sábado era awesome como de siemre! Teníamos huésped DJs Lechuga (NYRemezcla/Callate y Baila) y Ricardo del grupo Album (Monterrey). ¡Mi hermanito salió a la fiesta también! ¡Muchas gracias a cada uno que salió!

¡Tiene que comprar la revista PAPER!! Nacotheque esta en la sección del nightlife con las fotos oficiales de la fiesta en la página. ¡Además, Marcelo descubrió que Nacotheque esta en una revista española se llama NEO2!! Nos mencionan en la edición de abril '07, pero no teníamos ninguna idea, jaja. ¡Pues, gracias NEO2!!
(Click cover for more press.)

¡San Francisco, va a ver La Prohibida el sábado 4 de agosto!! ¡Nuestros amigos de Monoluna organizado su primera concierto en SF y va a ser aweome!!
(click the flyer for more info.)

¡Nos vemos!
Amylulita y Marcelo Cunning

These awesome videos were produced by Jun Olman (Iwasaki Producciones)!

Friday, July 13, 2007
Nacotheque & Batanga Present: Zoé After Party
Don Hill's - New York, NY
Live performances by Circo (Puerto Rico), La Prohibida (Spain), and Zigmat (NYC) with guest DJ Memory Man from Zoé.

CLICK HERE to watch the Friday video!

Saturday, July 14, 2007
Nacotheque special showcase & party
Video presented by NYRemezcla
Fontana's - New York, NY
Live performances by Silverio (Mexico), Uli & the Gringos (NYC/Mexico), R-Tronika (LIC/Peru), and Todosantos (Venezuela/NYC) with guest Djs Dapuntobeat (Mexico).

CLICK HERE to watch the Saturday video!


Sold only at Nacotheque events. The awesome rockers from De*Nada Design created these special limited edition t-shirts for and we love them!!! Gracias<3 href="">De*Nada Design Online