Saturday, August 30, 2008

Davila 666 in SFWEEKLY.COM!!

For the most part, I choose the MP3s of the Day based on the following criteria: new songs from acts people are buzzing about; new tracks from older acts people still like to listen to; smaller bands producing cool stuff ... etc., etc. But then every once in a while a band comes along that just blows my fucking mind and I get all crazy excited to share a song of theirs with people. Davila 666 is one such brain grenade.

These kids call Puerto Rico home, and their self-titled debut on In the Red is the stuff of instantly classic garage punk. Their music is a spazzy, snotty (I'm guessing, since all the songs are sung in Spanish, but you can tell these things) hyperactive shot of pure adrenaline. Their songs sound alternately like the Dead Boys, the Black Lips, and that whole lot of damn great delinquents. Adding to their edge, the album sounds like...[read more]

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